Zenni Optical Review – Obsessed!

What better way to jazz up a bald head then with some fierce inexpensive glasses?! I mean nothing over $50USD. Drum roll please….#Zennioptical is where I purchased 4 pairs of glasses that included my prescription and it only cost me $131 USD which worked out to be about $190 CDN, not bad eh. As I'm getting more comfortable rocking my bald head, I wanted to spruce up my look without breaking the bank and I desperately needed some new frames, so with the recommendation from a few friends they put me onto this website. I’ll share with you my honest opinion on my experience with Zenni and the thoughts expressed are my own and not sponsored. Now for those of you unfamiliar with Zenni, its basically an online optical store that has a variety of glasses at an affordable price.

I have to say there is a lot to choose from, so it was a bit overwhelming especially since they have frames starting at just $6.95! This was my first time purchasing prescription glasses online and I was a bit nervous because I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was super easy. I created my account and generated a virtual try on which takes a minute to do on your phone. I was able to try on frames and see how good or bad my choices were lol and I even tested out a pair of polka dots and heart shaped frames for fun. I narrowed down my search to cat-eye and geometric which I thought best suited the shape of my face and ya’ll it was game on. No lie, I literally had at minimum 24 frames in my favorites and finally got it down to 4 pairs.

Make sure you have your prescription handy as you will have to key in the information and this too was pretty straight forward and the site offers an info icon if you need any guidance. When you click on a frame you’re interested in, it provides various specifications to choose from including the PD range, if its available in progressive/bifocal, material and framing details. In addition, upon check out there are various top up's you can add including reflective coating, lens index options and custom engraving. The only one I added to each set was the anti-glare protection at an added cost of $4.95.

Now here in lies where I made my teeny tiny mistake. On my prescription it read right for both eyes, so I had no clue which measurement was for the left or the right, and instead of calling my optometrist for clarification, yours truly made an educated guess which led me in keying my data in reverse; so basically the left should have been for the right and the right should have been for the left. Needleless to say after placing my order and waiting two weeks for my glasses to arrive my prescription was backwards on my frames arrgg. I called customer service to see what my options were to fix my error and they have a one-time full refund credit that could be applied to my account. I was also advised to keep the frames as they didn’t have a return label for Canada. They said it would take about 1-3 business days to receive the credit on my Zenni account, but I received an email notification within 2 hours after my call that my account had been credited – happy dance! So I updated my prescription correctly this time and reordered the 4 pairs, waited another 2 weeks and when they finally arrived, I was obsessed! They fit perfectly and sit and feel very comfortable on my face.

Overall, I'm super pleased and will definitely be reordering from this company again. I don't have any cons to report as I found the site to be user friendly, thorough and had no issues with their customer service. If you order from this site tag me on IG as I'd love to see which frames you picked to spice up an already beautiful you.



Direct Link to each frame:

Breezy #4432521


Rose Gold Cat-Eye #3219519


Green - Cat-Eye #2027824


Black Cat-Eye #329421


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