You are not insignificant!

It is no coincidence how the universe knows exactly when to send you a reminder that you are not forgotten. I had a rough morning earlier this week and when I came back from my meeting a note was left on my chair. The person who left it had no idea how much my soul needed to read this in that exact moment, and while I am unsure of the author, their words helped to calm my troubled nerves. Therefore, I share this with you because maybe you too need a friendly reminder of how special you really are.

You are not insignificant!

Someone drinks coffee/tea out of their favorite mug that you gave them.

Someone reads the book you recommended and got lost in it.

Someone heard that song on the radio that reminded them of you.

Someone smiled at the end of a hard day because they remembered the joke you told them.

Someone loves themselves a little bit more because of the compliment you gave them.

Someone is making it through the darkest time of their life because your prayers are holding them steady.

Never think you don’t have influence on people.

Your trace, which you leave behind on every good dead, cannot be erased.

Read that again.

People love and need you!

Please share these words…….



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