The Best Gluten Free Pancakes in Scarborough!

Who doesn’t love pancakes? Your girl certainly does especially when their drizzled with fresh fruit and slathered in maple syrup, YUMMMM!

Of course, traditional pancakes versus gluten free pancakes has left me in my feelings for the simple fact that I was convinced that gluten free pancakes could never taste as good as traditional. Now I’ve tried various recipes and store bought mixes, some were ok and some just plain yucky. But I finally found a new love from this pancake mix I picked up from Whisked Gluten Free Bakery, a local gluten free bakery here in Scarborough, Ontario. From the recommendation of a friend I decided to give their products a try as I typically would buy my gluten free essentials from a large grocery chain or health food store.

First of all let me just say that everything on their website looks delicious and I had my face pressed up against my computer screen…ok I’m being extra but the variety and how they allow you to search by allergies etc helped to take out the guess work. I purchased muffin mix, sourdough bread, poppy seed bagels, pancake mix, 2 pie crusts and all purpose flour for a total of $44 CDN which I thought was pretty reasonable since anything gluten free or allergy specific will cost you a bit more.

Now as for these pancakes, super easy. I simply followed the directions (they also included vegan alternatives) and all I added was 1 egg, almond milk, and 2 tablespoons of melted dairy free butter. I preheated my pan to medium heat and added a teaspoon of dairy free butter each time I added my mixture, let cook for approximately, 2-3 minutes or until the edges started to get golden brown then flipped. They smelled amazing and tasted wonderful. This is definitely a new pantry staple and the best part is one cup of the mix with the added ingredients yielded 12 pancakes. And no, I didn’t eat all 12 as tempting as it was, I only had 3, and stored the rest in an airtight container and froze for later. Overall, these pancakes were light, fluffy and held together perfectly, a great addition to any breakfast or brunch, heck I'd have these for dinner too.



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