The Best Braided Wig - An Alopecian Review

Let me take you down memory lane for a sec. My mom used to braid my hair all the time. My hair was always washed on either Saturday or Sunday and braided for school for the week. When I got into grade school I would get my hair braided with extensions that lasted about 2 months; an all day ordeal that I couldn't stand and some of the styles I absolutely hated after sitting in the chair for 8 hours! I was never a fan of the process of braids but not having to fuss with my hair for several weeks had its perks. As my hair started to thin and fall out, the reality of not having control over my own hairstyles was very hard for me. It now became a tedious task of how do I manipulate the hair I do have to hide the patches?

You this picture right here...would you believe me if I told you I barley had any hair in the middle of my head? Or that my hairline was so thin that any tension I placed on it, I knew would result in more hair loss? You can even see a gap between the braids (no hair to grip) and I purposely had to do the extensions long so I could pin it up to hide the truth. The struggle was real and so was my desperation. Fast forward 20 or so years later, i've accepted my bald head and continue the healing process but I have never forgotten how my mom's hands felt as she washed my hair, or hit me in the head with the comb if I didn't sit still 😂. I do miss my hair sometimes, I even have dreams about it but I gotta say wigs, hair pieces, scalp embellishments, hair fibres etc. have come a long way from even 10 years ago. Nowadays the trickery is real and unless you know better it can be hard to detect whats real and what hairdo is fake. Which brings me to finding my perfect braided wig by Guys when I tell you, I've been on the hunt for the perfect braided unit but most of them just looked to wiggy. But when I put this wig on I forget I had alopecia! It gave me the back in the day Christal vibes all over again of braids without my patches. I found this company online by fluke and started checking out reviews and decided to take a chance. So glad I did because this wig is life.

To give you a quick run down on this unit, it's a 100% Hand-Braided Box Braids High Bun Cornrow 13x5 Lace Front Wig. The cap is small head friendly and comfy. It comes with combs, adjustable straps and a band at the back for added security. The back of the unit is box braided which are full and neat. There are no gaps and to the naked eye if the wig blew in the wind it would just appear as though I had new growth from the box braids. The parting space between each braid is perfect and they provide enough baby hair for a realistic hairline. The unit is $129.99 USD (at the time of writing this post) and after I placed my order they did email me to confirm if I still wanted the unit as there may be duty fees shipping to Canada, of course I said yes and the fees were about $30 CDN. I'll let you guys watch my full review below and if you have any questions, you know where to find me😊

P.S. Alopecia has really changed my perspective on so many things. It has been such a blessing because even though I do miss my hair sometimes, I wake up with health and strength and a blank canvas to rock whatever hairstyle I want including BRAIDS!



Remember: "Love yourself first and everything falls into line" - Lucille Ball

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