Strawberry Sorbet

I have the perfect homemade guilt free 2-minute treat that will satisfy your cravings without all the extra added sugars and preservatives using ONLY 3 ingredients --- strawberry sorbet!

The best invention ever for those of us who are gluten and dairy free. I love sorbets because you can create soooo many variations using your favorite fruit blends and their inexpensive to make. My goodness, you can even add wine if you like. I favour using frozen fruit simply because it's available all year round and I find the flavour is consistent. I’m not discouraging you from using fresh, I just find sometimes the fruits may not be as sweet as I would like and or not in season, so I tend to gravitate towards frozen but either or work fine, just go with your preference.

Now, to get your sorbet that nice creamy smooth texture, you would add in something like almond milk, or coconut milk and if you're not a fan that's ok, try using a fruit juice like apple, pineapple, orange or even grape juice with some ice.

As you know, some fruit can be a bit on the tart side so to top up that sweetness you can use honey, maple syrup or agave nectar. Though a sorbet is great on its own, who doesn’t like being extra when it comes to adding goodies on top?! Toss on some fresh fruit, coconut flakes, chocolate bits, nuts, a fresh herb, whatever you like to spruce it up and trust me, once you start making your own you will not be buying store bought again. To make this you will need a blender and if you plan on saving some for later best to use a freezer friendly dish that has an airtight lid. Ok enough of me yapping, see below just how easy this is.


3 cups frozen strawberries

1/2 cup coconut milk

2-4 tablespoons maple syrup

Fresh mint for garnish (optional)


Add the coconut milk, berries and 2 tablespoons of maple syrup and blend until smooth, about 1 minute. To help loosen the mixture, add in additional coconut milk. I added a tablespoon at a time. I know it may sound silly, but you don’t want the texture to be runny. Use a spatula to push the mixture to the centre of your blender if necessary as you want to ensure everything is combined evenly. The objective is to blend the strawberries until they are a nice creamy texture.

Taste the mixture once blended to see if you are happy with the sweetness and add additional maple syrup as desired. Serve immediately.

TIP: If you are not ready to serve right away, place in an air-tight freezer friendly storage container. I placed mine in the freezer for about 2 hours and during that time it allowed the flavours to set giving it a richer taste. If you have it frozen for several hours or overnight, I would suggest taking it out the freezer about 15 minutes or so before serving just to allow it to thaw a bit and make it easier to scoop.



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