Outfit of the Day

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

denim shirt green skirt head wrap heels

My alarm goes off, I have one eye closed and the other is scrambling trying to find the alarm so I can hit the snooze button. Take two; I have enough time to jump in the shower, get dressed, throw my lunch in my bag and hit the road for work. In the shower I decide what I’m going to wear, choice of lipstick, and which wig or scarf will tie everything together. Oh, let me not forget the shoes because that just seals the deal. Coordinated from head to toe, I’m looking the part and the world would never know I can do this in 30 minutes.

Question - do your mornings sound just like this? Have you ever noticed how easy it is to get caught up fussing about what to wear and what to eat? Or what about all of those commitments and obligations you said yes to that you now don’t want to do or can’t fulfill? How about when you get to the office and you’ve already clocked out and it’s not even an hour into your shift, so you cast your gaze on some search engine purchases of that cute top you were eyeing or better yet, you check your social media accounts to see how many likes you got. Despite how long our to do list is and the many distractions throughout the day, do you feel a sense of dissatisfaction?

Me, I’m dressed to impress. I can afford to treat myself every now and then to something new, I can have lunch with a friend and not stress about the bill but yet something is still amiss. For the longest time I couldn’t figure it out. I just thought maybe I needed more sleep, or perhaps I should spend less time online and treat myself to a home spa day. Despite grasping for any positive ideas of what I thought could fill the gap nothing worked. Then it dawned on me when I was getting ready for work one day that it wasn’t my outer self that needed attention, it was my spirit that was naked. I totally forgot to put on my spiritual outfit. This wasn’t an intentional miss, but I have to admit it’s so easy to get caught up in the comings and goings of life that I forgot to make it a willful priority.

This outfit is something money cannot buy; its fabric cannot be felt by touch, yet one size fits all – it is the Armour of God. This garment protects me from harm and creates a bond between my Lord and I that the finest man-made linen cannot compete with. When I fasten my wig or tie my scarf, I secure my helmet of salvation which reminds me that Jesus Christ died for me and rose again. As I button my shirt, I adjust my breastplate of righteousness that humbles my attitude and presses humility into my chest. My skirt is tightened with the belt of truth and I pick up my shield of faith as I toss my purse over my shoulder. Before I grab my phone, I grasp my sword of the spirit that utters the word of God like SIRI providing answers and suggestions. Slipping into my shoes of peace with the readiness that comes from the gospel I know that I must be content, even in times of uncertainty.

This is how I need to dress everyday. My spiritual outfit of the day protects me from harm like the ozone shields me from the unseen UV rays. My day and mood are set in the right direction when I dress for the weather of life. No umbrella will cover me from the spiritual battles that rains heavy on some days and lighter on others. No parka can insulate me when the winds of anxiety come against me. No shoe is the right fit to defend me from hostility, I mean, how can they when they themselves are not sturdy and can fray away. I can honestly admit that when I forget to put on my armour and things go awry, I wonder why I feel inadequate or lost; oh, right I wasn't dressed for the occasion. So, I ask what are you wearing today? I may be rocking earthly swag but it’s covered by the richness of spiritual linen that is designed to face any climate. Thus, I encourage you to be strong in the Lord so on days when your world seems overcast and dim you are able to stand firm with the knowing you are protected from head to toe by God’s grace.

Inspired by Ephesians 6:10 The Armour of God

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