No-bake Apple & Chia Energy Bites

Energy bites are my little purse size treats that are packed with wholesome goodness, guilt-free and can be made in less than 10 minutes. They are the perfect grab and go snack with endless possibilities and can suite any palate and the best part, no baking required! Let’s be honest, it’s a lot easier to grab a bag of chips or that pastry on the go but it can add up. These tidbits have been my saving grace for a healthier option without breaking the bank.

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What I love about these snacks is that they are pantry friendly, meaning I usually have everything I need to whip up a batch and or can substitute what I don’t have because they are so versatile. Typically, all that’s required are oats, some sort of nut butter, liquid sweetener and your add-ins.

As you know oats are awesome because their inexpensive, diverse, and a great beginner friendly ingredient if you are new to baking like me. Not to mention they are high in fibre, which means they help to keep you feeling full for longer periods. For those with a gluten sensitivity or celiac I would recommend the Bob’s Red Mills brand of gluten free rolled oats. Their 100% whole grain and manufactured in a gluten free facility which eliminates the worry of cross contamination. You can use regular old-fashioned oats but be aware there is always a risk of cross contamination during processing so I encourage you to read the labels as the product will have a disclaimer of what it may have come in contact with during manufacturing.

Your nut butter of choice can be anything from peanut, cashew, walnut, almond and or hazelnut butter. For those with a nut allergy you can substitute by using sunflower butter. I’m a little biased in this department because almond is my favorite but use whichever one you prefer.

The liquid sweetener can range from agave nectar, to honey or maple syrup. You just need something sticky that will help to bind all the ingredients together. My preference is raw honey because its rich in vitamin b6, iron, calcium and has anti fungal properties.

The add-ins are my favorite part. This is where you channel your inner Picasso and let your creative juices flow. Feel free to use fresh or dried fruits, your favorite nuts, seeds, trail mix, chocolate chips and even shredded coconut.

Now that you have the basics lets get started on making one of my favorites.

Apple n Chia Energy Bites

Preparation: 5 minutes

Cook Time: none

Yields: approximately 10-13 bites


· 2 cups of Bob’s Red Mills gluten old fashioned rolled oats

· 1 cup finely chopped apple, skin-on

· 1\2 cup of almond butter

· 1\4 raw honey

· 1 tablespoon date paste

· 1 tablespoon chia seeds

· 1 tablespoon of flax seeds

· 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

· 1\2 teaspoon cinnamon