My Wiggy FAQ's with my female hair loss

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

I often get asked questions about my wigs, like where do I buy them, how much do they cost, is it itchy and so on. I thought I’d put together a quick FAQ for you all. These FAQ’s are in no particular order and if you have a question that isn’t touched on below, feel free to reach out to me by commenting down below or shoot me an email.

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1. How many wigs do I have?

I currently have about 15 wigs, I think there are a few more that I’m forgetting about. 2 of which are bob wigs that I consider my work/everyday wigs. I have curly ones and straight ones that are playful and fun. I love coloured wigs but my collection is currently all black wigs.

2. How long have I been wearing wigs?

I’ve been wearing wigs, hairpieces, extensions and hair fibres at one point for over 15 years. I remember wearing synthetic braid extensions since middle school all throughout high school then transitioning to hair weaves and wigs.

3. Where do I buy my wigs?

All of my wigs are purchased online. I have bought wigs from my local beauty supply store, but I prefer purchasing online because there are more options to choose from and their cheaper. I usually have an idea of what style I am looking for, so I’ll go on YouTube and do a search. For example, if I’m looking for a bob wig…I’ll type in “bob lace front wig” that will typically bring up a slew of videos and I’ll watch their reviews and view the description box for the link of where to purchase the wig. Often you will find coupon codes in the description box so always check, after all who doesn’t like a discount.

Here are a few companies I’ve purchased from below. Please note this is not sponsored, all the wigs were purchased with my own money.

4. How often do I wash my wigs?

I have one wig that I wear on an everyday basis and I wash it once a week.

5. What products do I use to wash my wigs?

To be completely honest nothing fancy. I buy shampoo and conditioner from my local dollar store.

6. How do I store my wigs?

I have a wig mannequin head that I place my everyday wig on at the end of each day. The remainder of my wigs are stored in plastic bags in a storage bin or the original box it came in.

7. Do I colour my wigs?

Yes and no. Sometimes when I order my wigs and it comes in a "natural black" colour, I will use a store box dye to make my wig jet black (my go to colour). If I want something specific like a red or a blond colour with highlights, I will take my wig to a professional to have it coloured.

8. What products do I use in my wig?

Less is more when it comes to my wigs. For every day use, I may use a small amount of hairspray if the wig has static, or if the wig looks a bit oily I’ll spray it with a dry shampoo. Other than that, I don’t put anything on my wigs as I find it weighs the hair down.

9. How do I adjust my wig to fit my head and keep it snug?

The wigs I buy come with an adjustable strap at the back so I will fit the straps so its snug to my head. Sometimes I will pinch the wig at the mid back and sew it with needle and thread until it feels even more secure on my heads often times the wig cap is still a little to big for my head. I also have a wig grip band that I purchased from my local beauty supply store that I place on my head then apply my wig, it keeps the wig from shifting and helps to keep it secure.

Here is an example of the wig grip band to give you an idea of what I mean.

10. Does my wig ever fall off when its windy?

wind blowing in trees

No, but I sometimes I will wear a cute ribbon on my wig to keep it down, but for the most part it’s pretty secure. Other options you can use to keep your wigs secure and look sylish at the same time include a cute scarf, headwrap or headband.

11. Do I glue my wigs to my head?

I do not use glue. I used to, but it was very messy and would be a pain to get out of the lace of my wig, it was a very long daunting process. I use Got to be freeze spray which is a hairspray. I spray 3-4 thin layers across my hair line and allow it to get tacky, I then apply my wig and secure it with a scarf for a few minutes to let it set. This does not bother my scalp or skin and comes off easily with soap and water. It is not waterproof, but in the summer when I sweat it’s still pretty secure. If you are concerned about movement, you can touch up as needed. The hairspray dries very quickly.

12. How much do I spend on my wigs?

It depends. Ideally, I spend about $60-$100 CDN including shipping, but I have spent up to $300 on one unit. I try to order from companies that offer free international shipping. My price point may seem low, and yes sometimes if you buy cheap you will end up with poor quality hair, but the wigs I’ve purchased, I've never had an issue, and I usually buy shorter wigs which are not as expensive.

13. Do I wear synthetic or human hair wigs?

I wear human hair wigs as my personal preference. They last longer in my opinion and they do not irritate my scalp.