Keeping Your Eyes on God – 5 Healthy Habits

It’s so easy to get distracted in this day and age. Everything is at your fingertips and with one swipe we can get sucked into a social media vortex for hours. Not to mention the get togethers, that tv series you’ve been meaning to catch up on, work, family and so on. Our

to-do lists are endless and forever changing, accept God. He remains the same; gracious, faithful and always ready to spend time with us. So, I guess the real question is, how can we give God our attention when there is so much to do and not enough time in the day? When I thought of this, I was reminded of John 15:5 “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit, apart from me you can do nothing”

Me, I’m actually a hot mess without God and especially in this climate, I need him now more than ever. I can literally waste the day in bed or busy myself with other things and when "I" finally decide to spend some alone time with him, I’m utterly exhausted sparing about five to ten minutes, just to feel like I’ve fulfilled some sort of religious obligation, which is not ok. I’ve come to realize that by not allowing myself an opportunity to tap into him purposefully I wasn’t doing myself any good, so I made the decision to create a habit of making time. I mean to be fair he's always there when we call on him so why should the relationship be one sided? It shouldn’t and it should never feel like a chore. By re-evaluating my priorities and making some adjustments, I found 5 habits to help me keep my eyes on God.

1. Conversation

If we can chat about anything and everything why not talk to God where it can actually benefit us? I’m so quick to call a friend or vent to a co-worker when I have a problem, when I should take that same energy and have a come to Jesus moment with him where he can actually help me through whatever I need. This can be done anytime and any place, in the car, at work, sitting at your desk, while you’re making yourself something to eat, it really doesn’t matter, just talk to him. Speaking with God is a form of fellowship and worship. He wants to be a part of all aspects of our lives so just as you would invite a friend over for coffee and conversation invite him in. He’s a great conversationalist and a fantastic listener.

2. Reading

Read me, seek me and understand me is how I’m learning about the character of God. By reflecting on his word, I am acknowledging his existence. By seeking his presence, I am entering a space of surrender and gaining insight on how majestic he truly is. It’s often during my studying I can examine my behavior and settle my nerves. I’m also learning that the people of the bible are not really all that different from you and I in this present time. They too had faults and their circumstances can be lessons and an opportunity for self-growth.

3. Journaling

I recently started to do this. I have an agenda and each day I study a verse and I write down how that verse may be speaking to me. Journaling allows me to express my emotions in a safe space and it offers a sigh of relief where I am able to move forward in my walk of getting things out and letting things go.

4. Music

Do you blast your music in the car and think you sound better than the artist? I know I do, and your girl isn’t that good of a singer, but I love my music and found a new fondness for Gospel hip hop and rhythm and blues. A great song automatically gets me hype and I start to dance, and nope could careless who’s watching. Yes, I'm that chick on the highway bopping my head from side to side, using the steering wheel as a drum set. I’m sure Jesus likes to have a good time and he aint one to gossip so I know my bad singing is safe with him - so find some good gospel and jam with Jesus.

5. Sermons

I have an older model vehicle I call Kirby (yes you read correctly) and Kirby and I spend a lot of time together, and while driving the radio can get very boring very quick, so I started to listen to sermons. I would find various teachings on YouTube and take myself to church in traffic. So rather than cursing that guy who cut me off he got a "bless you" instead of a....well you get the idea.

So there you have it, 5 easy steps I use to keep my eyes on God, nothing fancy but simple enough. I have my moments where doubt and worry try to take up tenancy in my mind, but this leading lady is serving eviction notices to all unwanted guests. I cannot allow what I’m seeing on a daily basis deter me from spending time with God. I have to constantly remind myself that greater is he that is in me than he who is in the world. So please keep your head up my brothers and sisters and try to find time, even if just for a moment to give thanks for something in your life. God is always watching and patiently waiting to spend time with you.



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