It's Not About the Hair!

Are you sick of hiding? Are you ready to live your truth?

If you’re anything like me, it’s hard to witness so many heart-centered people, that are struggling, hurting, not feeling good enough, living lives of fear, self-doubt, and quiet desperation.   There’s far too many people walking around in pain, put in a hypnotic trance by a society that has cast its spell on us, telling us WHO we SHOULD BE, WHAT we SHOULD LOOK LIKE and HOW we SHOULD LIVE our lives.

It’s time to stop the madness.

That’s why I’m so honored to introduce you to my trailblazing friend Valerie Fuentes; a true, heart-centered, life coach, dreamer, life strategist, and a badass entrepreneur who is on a mission to EMPOWER you to…

Awaken unshakable confidence, practice radical acceptance and live life powerfully! 

Like so many of us, Valerie came to this earth with her unique gifts and dreams but wasn’t supported and didn’t believe in herself enough or give herself permission to follow the path of her heart.

She had dreams of becoming an actress and TV host, but during her teenage years, she started losing her hair to the point she only wanted to hide. She felt she wasn’t good enough, pretty enough, normal enough. 

At 24 years old, she was diagnosed with Alopecia; a hair loss condition of unknown cause that can be patchy or extend to complete baldness. After her diagnosis, she spent years in depression, hiding, playing small, and struggling, because she didn’t feel good enough, worthy enough, or confident enough, to put herself out there doing what she loves. So she stayed stuck and hidden, all because of her hair loss.

SHE BOUGHT INTO THE LIE. She Believed she needed to look a certain way and have healthy and luscious hair in order to be loved, worthy and successful.

So she got a business degree, became a human resources professional, and went down society’s path, playing the success game, and “crushed it,” but it came at a huge cost. She buried her heart and soul. 


Valerie is a thriving life coach, entrepreneur, podcaster, and a voice of empowerment who

helps women step into their power and highest joyful expression despite their hair loss.  She has a brand new, cutting edge show where she interviews over 16 of the world’s most authentic, powerful, conscious, and big-hearted, researchers, influencers and hair professionals who share deep wisdom, real transformation, and powerful tools called “It’s Not About The Hair”

Valerie gave me a complimentary ticket for YOU to the world premiere of the show’s FREE Online Interview Series.



This show is for you if you are (or want to be) a heart-centered visionary, influencer, and world changer who wants to live your truth, own your authentic expression, play big, be bold and have outrageous fun again.

You may or may not be dealing with medical hair loss but are ready to give yourself permission to...


FYI, I’m not only a guest speaker, but I’ll also be attending this groundbreaking event.

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