Baldtourage Member of the Month Interview

I can't believe we are nearing the end of summer. I took some much needed time off to relax and reset, but in the midst of my detox I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the Founder of Baldtourage, Christie Valdassari. I've been a part of Baldtourage for about 2 years now and this community has been such a game changer. This social circle focuses on bald as beautiful through monthly activities like meet up nights for women, parents, and children, fun tutorials, confidence camp, dance and fitness classes and so much more. I actually started off by attending the fitness classes, then moved onto personal training with Christie which is like having your very own cheer leader in your living room,


and now I am a Captain for the Mentorship Program for little girls with hair loss. We meet once a month and discuss all things from confidence, back to school, bullying and relationships. No topic is off limits because we believe in empowering these girlies to be the best version of themselves.

I feel like the more I immerse myself in this community the more I evolve as a person. Stepping out of my comfort zone, embracing things I cannot control, and more importantly falling in love with this new version of myself is more than I could ask for. Watch my full interview below and to hear more amazing stories from our other Baldtourage Queens and girlies, be sure to check out other videos here.



Remember: Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself - unknown

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