Appreciation of Life: 50 Things to be Thankful For...

Updated: Jan 20

Life. A four-letter word that has more power than we often give thought too. It is unpredictable, challenging, exciting, fun, can cause pain and create fear of the unknowns. Nevertheless, we are all active participants in this game of life and how we navigate through it is different for all of us. I sometimes wish I could go back to my childhood where things seemed so simple and carefree. As an adult the world is complex with many moving parts making it easy for me to forget the little things in life that I should appreciate. My gaze is often focused on the past or future, both of which I have no control instead of giving acknowledgment to the grace and blessings of the present. For this reason, I decided to create a gratitude list. This list of 50 gave me a clear perspective on how blessed I am in the now. So, I encourage you to carve out some time to self-reflect and make your own list of 50 things you are thankful for so you too can see how blessed you truly are.

1. God woke me up to see another day

2. I have my health and strength

3. Where I live is surrounded by peace

4. I am able to eat three meals a day

5. I have a bed to sleep in

6. I have a job

7. Access to fresh drinking water

8. A platform to share my alopecia journey with others

9. The removal of unhealthy people from my life

10. Ability to read and write

11. Time to exercise

12. Ability to self-love everyday

13. Patience

14. My sense of humour

15. My faith and Bible

16. A loving mother

17. Friends who keep me grounded

18. Clean clothes

19. Warm blankets

20. Internet Access

21. My Plants - they bring me joy

22. A healthier scalp

23. Paid bills

24. Eyes to see the sun rise and set

25. Courage to do things afraid

26. My past experiences

27. My education

28. My cellphone

29. Random acts of kindness

30. Inner Peace

31. A clean home

32. Ability to recognize blessings in pain

33. My self-care Sundays

34. My weight-loss progress

35. Electricity

36. The support the alopecia community provides

37. My ability to help others

38. Access to fresh fruits and vegetables

39. Having a very cool Grandma

40. Heat and air conditioning

41. The ability to walk

42. The ability to create healthy skincare items for my well being

43. Candles and incense

44. Access to free therapy

45. Ability to create wigs and accessorize my bald head

46. My laptop to create

47. Access to free healthcare

48. Ability to forgive others even when it hurts

49. Gas in my car

50. Knowing that I am enough

"Gratitude and Attitude are not challenges; they are choices" - Unknown