Alopecia: A Red Table Talk discussion

The Red Table Talk brings another vulnerable conversation front and centre as they discuss the impact Alopecia can have on those living with this autoimmune condition. In this week long series they will be highlighting powerful stories including one from a mother who lost her child by suicide due to the relentless bullying she suffered at school, the first bald Sports Illustrated model who broke down barriers and created a movement and so much more.

With 147 million people world wide affected by Alopecia, imagine how many have suffered or continue to suffer in silence and alone. The idea of wanting to fit in rather than stand out has been something that I have struggled with for years. Yes I wanted to be independent and free to be me, but the idea of a hairless me was so hard to grasp. Alopecia is the one thing I could never control or predict how it would affect me from day to day and that was truly heartbreaking. Worse yet, as a women how many of us could honestly say they would choose being bald over having a full head of hair? I doubt there would be many volunteers.

While I have accepted my alopecia, there are many who are not there yet and that's why its so incredibly important to have these conversations, particularly on a international scale so the world can see and hopefully begin to understand that it's more than just hair. I encourage you to watch this series with compassion and an open heart because many are affected, our pain is real and its impact is life altering.

Check out the Red Table Talk Series on Facebook Watch below.

Remember: Never judge someone without knowing the whole story. You may think you understand, but you don't - unknown

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