12 Day Smoothie Slim Detox Review

This post is soooo long overdue. Geez life has really gotten away with me and I don’t even know where August went. Nevertheless I wanted to share with you my experience completing the 12 Day Smoothie Slim Detox. I’d never heard of this program before and it actually came across my feed during one of my scrolls through Instagram looking at various weight loss before and after pictures.

Not sure about you, but seeing other people’s before and after pics gave me a reality check like…ok Christal get a grip you can totally do this, but then again there was a part of me that was still skeptical and lacked motivation. But at this point I had nothing to lose so I went to their website to check things out. I’m one of those people who likes to test before I buy so the fact that it showed a sample day of the program, what the e-book includes, before and after pictures and offered a detox quiz, I felt confident enough to take the plunge. Yup went head first and spent about $12USD and got my e-book. Now just a heads up there is a bundle package that included the 12 day smoothie slim detox e-book and a 60 meal replacement smoothie’s e-book, I just opted for the 12 day e-book to start.

To keep this short and sweet, this detox is exactly what the name says. It’s a 12 day cleanse that’s has been formulated to help you lose weight by detoxifying your body of toxins resulting in weightloss of about 8-16 lbs (3.5-7kg). Within the 12 days you replace your main meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner with a smoothie or you can do the alternative plan where you replace your last shake with an optional meal, which is what I did. You are also allowed 2 snacks in between shakes and it also provides an exercise schedule for the 12 days which I thought was perfect. I’ve broken down my experiences into 5 categories to offer my personal feedback. I’m being totally honest and transparent and this is not a paid sponsorship.

1. Why I did it?

I was feeling like crap, there I said it, feels pretty good being so candid if I do say so myself. I was emotionally eating and doing A LOT of it. I was eating everything and anything that was all of the wrong things and watching my gut get bigger. I’m talking about things like pop, chips, candy, fried foods, breads, cakes etc. I wasn’t happy with myself and I knew I had to change before things got even worse. Not to mention were in the middle of a global pandemic, not that I’m using that as an excuse but that didn’t help either. I was just stressed, exhausted and I guess I can say I was feeling pretty low. I’ve never done anything like this before and I’ll be honest I didn’t even think I would last the full 12 days without caving. I just needed a reset physically and emotionally and I thought this program could do just that.

2. Preparation and Taste

The guide is so simple and easy to follow, it’s literally idiot proof. You’re given a grocery list that’s easy on the wallet, and because it’s 12 days, it’s broken down into two parts so you don’t have to rush to get next week’s items all at once. To simplify the process and keep me on track, I organized my entire week of shakes into labelled zip lock freezer

bags, this way I just took out each day’s shake blended it and was out the door. The bottles I used for my shakes were purchased at my local grocery store and they were about 500ml in size. For some added motivation I put 12 post it notes on my fridge of the flavours of the shakes and if it was exercise day or not. Taking off a post it at the end of each day made me feel accomplished and acted as a reminder to stay focused.

Now the moment of truth…how did the smoothies taste? Not bad at all! Let me be clear, if you’re used to eating junk food and things high in sugar and salts, transitioning to fresh whole fruits and vegtables is an adjustment. I want to say it took a few days for my taste buds to adapt, but overall the smoothies were flavorful, filling and naturally sweet, so it helped to curb my over active sweet tooth.

3. How did I feel during the 12 days?

So this is the part where that saying “mind over matter” comes into play. This is definitely a mental commitment. My brain wanted fried chicken and waffles, but my body said “no ma’am not today, you’re gonna drink this shake.” This tug of war went on throughout the 12 days but I didn’t cave and let me tell you every day in the lunch room at work there was some sort of temptation. Pizza, cake, Popeye’s chicken, sushi, free coffee and donuts, it never eneded…it was felt like the universe wanted me to fail lol. But I didn’t do it, no sir I didn’t fold under the pressure. Overall, I want to say between days 1-3, I did experience headaches, bloating/gas and I was exhausted. I didn’t have any constipation or break outs though. All of these symptoms are normal and do subside after a few days. This is all a part of the detox process as your body adjusts so don’t be alarmed.

4. Weight loss – My expectation vs. My Reality

Was I obsessed with my weight? YES! What I mean by that is this. The night before I was set to start, I took my body measurements and weighted myself. I had a pep talk with myself and said “Christal you are not going to weigh yourself until the end of the detox” but that was an EPIC fail. I found myself checking my weight every other day. I was so fixated on the number I started to ignore the other things that were happening, like my stomach going down and how my clothing started to fit a bit looser. In my head I just saw that I could lose up to 16 pounds and I was getting frustrated when my results weren’t reflecting a drastic drop. It was after the first week that I had to make a conscious decision not to step on the scale and just focus on finishing the race. If there is anything I can say is please don’t be like me and fixate on the number. My expectation versus my reality were in complete conflict and that was not healthy. It actually hindered my progress of celebrating small things like not caving in the lunch room at work, or how my taste buds were starting to shift. Once you’re done the detox there is guidance on how to introduce healthy foods and meals back into your day to day. This so it’s not a shock to your system which I appreciated because it didn’t feel like I was being left to my own devices once I was done.

5. Benefits and Outcomes

I know you’re dying to know how much I lost. I started at 143lbs and

my final weight loss was 137lbs, 6 pounds in total. I won’t lie to you, at first I was so disappointed in the number because I was certain I had lost more, but in this process I realized it wasn’t about the number at all. I mean the physical aspect was to flush out the toxins, help increase my energy level and ya to lose weight but this ended up being a mental challenge. Staying focused, encouraging myself and more importantly embracing and enjoying the journey was all that really mattered.

This detox showed me how to be kind to myself and the number on scale doesn’t define who I am. My "ah ha" moment was how I felt on the inside and if I kept a positive outlook that would reflect on the outside. Speaking of the outside I included a before and after picture of my results so you can see the difference. In the end I got a flatter tummy, more energy, my clothes fit better and overall I found a healthier way to love the skin I’m in.

In the end, I would highly recommend this detox, but if you’re going to do this be prepared to not only rid yourself of physical toxins but the emotional ones as well. If you have any questions about my experience and want to reach out to me directly feel free @thepeckishpalate on IG or thepeckishpalate@gmail.com



Direct Link to program: https://yourhealthyworldplans.com/products/12-day-smoothie-slim-detox

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